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Sanjushi, Vol.1.jpg
Kanji 三獣士
Romaji Sanjūshi
• General information•
Mangaka Kanako Tanaka
No. of Chapters 19
No. of Volumes 2
Original Run February 28, 2000 - July 10, 2000
Genre Action, Fantasy
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Sanjushi (三獣士 Sanjūshi?) is a manga written and illustrated by Kanako Tanaka and is published in Weekly Shonen Jump. The first chapter was published on February 28, 2000 in issue 13 of Weekly Shonen Jump.


The three beasts of Son Goku, Sagojo, and Inohakkai, who were known as the strongest bounty hunters to hunt monsters. They stopped their activities after the incident of 80 years ago, and resumed their activities when they met a girl named Gen Xu. In this way, the four men will aim to become the heavens in order to subdue Sharamer, a cash prize of 2 trillion yen. Whereabouts of that journey and how!?


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