Jump Database

Jump (ジャンプ Janpu?) sometimes also seen as JUMP, is a line of manga magazines distributed by Shueisha. "Jump" line magazines are intended for the male audience, although the magazine line has also been popular among the female demographic.



Shonen Magazines

Magazine Title Start End Time Unit
Jump GIGA 2016 July 2016 October Monthly
Monthly Shonen Jump 1970 February 2007 June Monthly
Saikyo Jump 2010, 3 December Ongoing Bi-Monthly
V Jump 1993 Ongoing Monthly
Shonen Jump Cross 2017 January Ongoing Monthly
Weekly Shonen Jump 1969 October Ongoing Weekly
Hobby's Jump 1983 1988 Monthly

Seinen Magazines

Magazine Title Start End Time Unit
Business Jump 1985 July 2011 November Bi-Monthly
Monthly Young Jump 2008 May Ongoing Monthly
Weekly Young Jump 1979 May Ongoing Weekly
Super Jump 1986 December 2011 November Semimonthly
Ultra Jump 1999 Ongoing Monthly
Fresh Jump 1982 1989 Monthly