Gintama WSJ Volume 1
Gin Tama
Kanji 銀魂
Romaji Gintama
• General information•
Mangaka Hideaki Sorachi
No. of Chapters Ongoing
No. of Volumes  ?
Original Run December 8, 2003 - ongoing
Genre Action, Comedy, Drama, Historical, Sci-fi
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Gin Tama (銀魂 Gintama?) or Gintama is a manga series written and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi. In the 2018-42 Issue, Gintama was supposed to end, but the author admitted he couldn't wrap things up, so the series moved to Jump GIGA to end. The author again failed to end it and the series continued in GIGA for a few more chapters. It was then announced that the manga will end "for real" in July 2019 as the final chapter will be published in its own official app.


Sakata Gintoki is a samurai living in an era when samurais are no longer needed. To add to his troubles, oppressive aliens have moved in to invade. Gintoki lives with Kagura and Shinpachi, taking on odd jobs to make the world a better place and to pay their rent.



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