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Candy Flurry
Kanji アメノフル
Romaji Ame no Furu
• General information•
Mangaka Mitarashi Santa, Takegushi Ippon
No. of Chapters Ongoing
No. of Volumes Ongoing
Original Run April 19, 2021 - ongoing
Genre Action / Comedy / Shounen
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Candy Flurry (アメノフル Ame no Furu?) is a manga series written and illustrated by Mitarashi Santa, Takegushi Ippon. The first chapter was published on April 19, 2021 in issue 20 of Weekly Shonen Jump.


Toy Toy Candy--eat one of these magical sweets and gain candy powers. This isn't a dream, it's reality. And because of it, Tokyo was destroyed. Tsumugi is a lollipop user, the same candy that brought Tokyo to ruin. And she can't have anyone finding that out! But what will she do when she runs into a criminal sweets-user who's out of control?! This unique candy-coated battle comedy manga is now ready to snack on! [1]


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